Guide to VPN Software


Protecting your identity online is one of the biggest considerations for internet users around the world. With the number of online transactions (monetary or otherwise) and the number of personal information submitted thru online means, exhausting every means of protecting sensitive data about you (and others around you) is a must. This is especially so when you consider that incidences of online fraud are becoming rampant. Given that such cyber criminals are willing to go to extreme lengths just to get info from internet users and commit crimes using the info they stole, it is critical that you stay protected. One of the best sources of online protection is the use of a VPN Client

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cactusvpn 256 bit AES encryption
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expressvpnLarge number of servers
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What features to look for in a VPN client

Getting a Virtual Private Network is a great way in significantly boosting your internet security, even when you are always on the go. However, not all VPNs are created equal. Some services have better features than others, while some services have a combination of features that better suit specific online users. Here is a list of features every prospective VPN subscriber must know about.


Different service providers use different protocols for their services. The most commonly used option is the SSL as it provides secure connections virtually all the time. Other options include PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP. Each of these protocols would have their set of pros and cons, so if you have the time to make your own inquiries about them, do so. However, most users (with the exception of those handling ultra-sensitive information such as corporate users) need not concern themselves too much about the protocol they use.

Exit locations

This is a special consideration for those who will use a high speed vpn for PC to gain access to specific local content. You may want your service provider to have a server located at specific regions you like to access content exclusive for such regions. For example, if you want to access online content exclusive for US users, you have to avail a service provider with a server in the US. Subscribing to a VPN with servers in multiple locations will prove to be an advantage.

Anti-Malware features

Malware is one of the things any internet-savvy user should be scared about. These malicious programs, as well as related programs such as spyware and adware, cause a breach in your security and may cause problems such as identity theft and data corruption. While it is advised that you get an anti-malware program of your own, it will be an advantage if your service provider also screens their connections regularly for malicious programs such as these.

Mobile apps

Such an option is completely optional, but a VPN with mobile functionality can come in handy if you regularly access the internet using mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Most providers, especially the paid ones, provide VPN mobile apps for their subscribers. Just make sure that you don’t have to use 2 different VPNs just to make such a function work.